Readers Club of America
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Welcome to the Readers Club of America — the book club for everyone.

Now you can experience the thrill of sharing ideas and opinions with other readers nationwide. Everything you need to participate — including book descriptions, free book contests, and information on upcoming author appearances can be found on our website. Best of all, you can participate on interactive discussion boards featuring input from the authors themselves.

The club's first selections include a novel that tells the story behind a famous painting by Johannes Vermeer; a book set in England during the plague year of 1666; a novel spanning a century-and-a-half, dating back to the days of the Irish Potato Famine; and an ironic, funny, real take on today's society by one of Britain's most admired chroniclers of popular culture.

Finally, there is a reading club that works around your busy schedule — you have the freedom to choose what you want to read, when you want to read it; so come on in and join the club!