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The Effect of Living Backwards
Heidi Julavits


“Savage and funny…wildly inventive.” —The New York Times Book Review “Colorful, bright, funny, and intriguing.” —Seattle Weekly “A gripping intellectual thriller.” —Entertainment Weekly “This could be the smartest and most challenging book I’ve read by anyone our age, and beyond that, it’s just plain hard to put down.” —Dave Eggers “Julavits is an energetic, playful writer, and one can imagine she crafted The Effect of Living Backwards for repeated reading, with each read-through revealing new Nabokovian tricks and riddles.” —San Francisco Chronicle Book Review “Julavits sends the mind reeling…The novel is such a potent mélange of physical terrorism and sublime sardonic manipulation that its intricate layers become an all-consuming vehicle for pondering the human condition…a sophisticated balance of suspense, humor, and intellectually stimulating prose.” —Booklist “A wonderfully absurdist game of chess—Julavits packs her novel full of odd and piercing moral dilemmas, wicked insights, and memorable characters. The Effect of Living Backwards is a delicious feast of case studies gone haywire.” —Aimee Bender


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